zondag 28 augustus 2011

Week 34 2011

This week is the week of the Almere Holland Triathlon. This saterday is the day if been training for whole season. Just this one day will be the day that i have to make an great achievement. I feel good and i believe in myself and my capabiliteits.

The program for this week is limited. Two hours on the bycycle, 1 hours running an 1 hour of training link. For the rest of the week the mean menu will be rest.

Monday was an beautiful day and used the wheaterconditions to clean en prepare my bike. After a while i was satisfied with the result and came to the conclusion that the bike was Long Distance prepared.

The planning was bycycle training on tuesday but the wheater was worse. Lot's of rain give an other dimension to the day. Instead of cycling it became rest on the couch.

What was planned for yesterday, i did today. Easy going cycling. After a while it started to rain and so i cylced for more than one hour in the rain. Once home, i saw that i'd became very dirty. Legs totally covered with durt.  In the planning was also an swimtraining in open water. Arriving in Almere Haven at Surfbeach there was an little surprise. The open water contained
blue-green algae and smelled awful. I did'nt want to swim in the open water out of fear to become ill. No risk just before Long Distance.

Thursday morning i received an answer on email that i had send to the organisation of the Almere Holland Triathlon. They were familair with the waterconditions and they were on top of the situation. So far there was no reason to change the swim part to another area.
Also packed my gear for saterday. It looks early but not for my because i know myself. Now i've got time enough and i can double check everything. I'm used to forget things.
Later on the on day i also did an endurance run for 45 minutes. I took our youngest dog also with my and it was the first time he went along. He did very well for the first time. 

Friday was almost the big day. I had to deliver my race bike, cycling shoes and my running shoes to transfer area in Almere Haven. And of course i had to pick up my race number for the Long Distance. The rest of the day it was rest for my.

Saterday was finally the big day. Almere Holland Triathlon was about to begin. My performance on the Long Distance. The hole year training for only one event. The wheater conditions aren't good, an strong wind, and dark clouds. The open water conditions are heavy, big waves are coming towards the coast. Swimming will be tough but overall i'm satisfied with the time. A quick change and on the bike for the cycle part. The strong wind doesn't feel good at all. The first round of the race track went well but the second round is already ten minutes slower. The wind has become even stronger than the second two rounds. So the third round ends above the 2 hours. Again an quick change and on the running track for the last 45.932 miles of running. The first round is good because i got exactly the time i want to run.
Unfortunately i'm getting an total relapse and i'm starting to walk. While running there was heavy rain and the temperature went down very quick. It was very cold and quadricpes started to feel very painfull because of the cold conditions. The second round ends in 1 hours and 45 minutes, more than 20 minutes slower than i've had hoped for. The last round is even more worse and ends in 1 hours and 55 minutes. And so i finishing in 12 hours and 8 minutes and 57 seconds. I'm glad i finished but disapointed off the time i've realized.

For the next several weeks i've to examine what went wrong during the race. Probable i've to accept the fact that i'm not strong enough for a time under the 12 hours. Maybe i need to focus on the fact that i've to enjoy the race instead of let the time determine my pleasure.

And now, i'm gone enjoy my rest for the next two weeks.

Week 33 2011

This will be the last week of intense training an only 12 days to go until the start of triathlon. Strange idea that after this week it's only gonnna be a little support training to keep my condition. This time it will be my second performance on the Long Distance. At the beginning of this week i still wasn't sure if i had the right shape.

Gladly i got on monday the confirmation that the shape is good enough for the triathlon. I did a round of the race track and did this in a time that give my confidence for my performance. Just in time because over 12 days is the Long Distance.

On tuesday i did an last training link of 2 hours and in the eevning an swim training. I swam over 3.499 yards during the training. After the training i talked to some triathletes that also had returnd for there holidays. The sublect of the conversation was of course the state of there shape after the holidays. I got home late and i  went late to bed.

On wednesday i only went to the swim training. I was late back from work but still on time for the training.

Thursday was again time for an training link and this time i did one for 90 minutes.

On friday i was home late because of my work. I'm guiding an colleague and we were working on something together and we wanted to finish the job. So i had an extra rest day this week.

On saterday i did the last long endurance cycetraining. In time i had to do 240 minutes of training. It went quit well and that gave my extra confirmation. Later on the day there was also the swim training and again i swam for more then 3.600 yards.

The last endurance run was planned on sunday. I ran 15.534 miles in a time of 115 minutes and that also gave me an good feeling. Without any problem of the running the sunday finished.

This week gave my al the confirmation i needed to be sure that i can do the Long Distance. Finally i know that i'm ready. Next week i can relax and dosome little training.

first training
2 hours race pace

second training
2 hours training link

third training
90' training link

fourth training
240' endurance training

115' endurance training

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Week 32 2011

This week my holiday ended and i had to work again. The first day at work is always tough and i've got trouble starting up. When you begin early, you can go home early. That's nice because it gives me time for training.

On monday i did an running training, endurance run for 90 minuts. I took the dogs with my and they were very happy. It's no problem for them to run over 90 minuts. U
nfortunately it started to rain while i was running. Personal i don't mind but my dogs become soaking wet.

Thuesday wasn't much better because during my bycle training, i drove two times right into an heavy rain. Again i don't mind getting
soaking wet but the change on an flat tyre is enormous. To be honest that's my big fear. The training went well and gave my an good feeling about my performance on the bike. In the evening i went for the swimtraining to swimmingpool. Also an nice training with long parts swimming. In one hour i almost made 3.281 yards.
Wednesday was my first performance as a swimtrainer. I had made a scheme and after the training i got some compliments for the triathletes.

Thursday was just the rest of the days so far, rain rain and nothing else. I did an training link and during the bycle part i got soaking wet. Not only soaking wet but also stone cold. When i was running it wasn't much better but i got warm.

On Friday i had to get on the road for my work. Working in Amsterdam means taking the bike and go to the client. It didn't rain so i arrived with dry clothing. When i got back at the office i started straight with the things i took with me during the visite. I even went later home than i'm used to which means it was interesting enough job to fulfil.

Although the planning was to take a swim in the Gooimeer, i didn't do it. Because of the fact that we had been eating late, i didn't had any sens left to go for that swim.

This week is wet, some times soaking wet. I'planned for Saterday the long endurance cycletraining. Because of the weateherconditions i already toke precautions before leaving home. But gladly i didn't need them, it kept dry all the time. Cycling for over 5 hours without a drop of rain, somebody up in the sky must have had good reasons. I thank Him for the fact it stayed dry. Although conditional it wasn't a problem, physically it didn't feel good. Why ? I don't have an explanation for that. Next weekend i will train for another 5 hours and hopefully it will feel better.

On sunday i planned a rest day and that was good. My body had enough training for this week. We went to an reunion of the puppy's from Dolly (an Golden Retriever and the mother of our dog).

first training
90' endurance ride

second training
90' endurance ride

third training
training link, 60' bycle and 60' running

fourth training
300' endurance ride
first training
90' endurance run on dt 2

first training
warming 656 yards
4 x 219 yards front crawl, r=20"
8 x 110 yards, r=20"
16 x 55 yards,r =10"
28 x 27 yards, r=5"
total 4047 yards

second training
warming 437
547 arms front crawl
5 x 109 yards front crawl, r=20"
2 x 273 yards (ones front crawl and ones only arms)
10 x 55 yards (variable front crawl and arms) r=20"
219 yards breaststroke
328 yards arms front crawl
total 3.172 yards

third training
warming 601 yards
656 yards front crawl
437 yards arms
6 x 55 yards high speed, front crawl, r=20"
4 x 55 yards high speed, r=20"
2 x 55 yards legs, r=20"
6 x 27 yards high speed, r=20"
4 x 27 yards arms, r=20"
2 x 27 yards legs, r=20"
cooling 164 yards
total 3.092 yards

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Week 31 2011

The vacation went so fast that we were enjoying our last week already. In this week is also planned the trip back home. But before that took place, i did my last training in this vacationperiod. This week the weatherconditions in South East of France turned back to normal temperature. During the day it easely gets 95 degrees.

On Monday, i did a swim training and a training link. With the temperature it seems that i do better when i train than when the conditions are less hot. On Tuesday an bycle training but before that i swam and on Wednesday an swimtraining and an training link. These are the last ones in france because i need to rest on Thursday. Suddenly i decided to do an swimtraining and so i did.

On Saterday we're back home. Within 15 hours i drove back from France. I'm going to bed very early in the morning but later on the day i still went to swimtraining. After three weeks of non swimming, the first training home went very well. It gives my an good feeling.

On Sunday i did an bycletraining of 4 hours. It took my more effort than i'd expected.

first training
240' enudrance traininng on dt2/3

second training
120' training link (90' cycle and 30' running)

three training

120' training link (90' cycle and 30' running)

first training
2.188 yards

second training
1.640 yards

Week 30 2011

The weatherconditions in most parts of Europe are bad but in the sout east of France, the are still good. Although the temperature is less than other years. It only rained on wednesday and again very hard. A day later when the sun is shining you already forget that it had rained yesterday.

On wednesday we decided to bring a visit to the city Grasse. This city is well know for the perfume.

The rest of the week we didn't do much and it gave me the space for my training. I climmed the Col du Bel'Homme and i reached the top easely. The top of the Col lays on 915 meters. I did twice a bycle training and i did three training links and one running training.

Finally i found time for swim training. I'm glad because i didn't swim for over three weeks. Not good if you have to do the Long Distance within three weeks. After Saterday swimming, i also did an swimtraining on Sunday.

Bycle training
first training
240' endurance training on dt 2/3

second training
210' endurance training on dt 1/2

third training
training link  (90' cycling and 30' running on dt2)

fouth training
training link (90' cycling and 30' running on dt2)

Run training
first training
90' endurance run on dt1

first training
1.093 yards

second training
1.093 yards

maandag 8 augustus 2011

Week 29 2011

It's the first week of my holiday. I'm in the south east of France and i will have to train the next three weeks in others temperature then i'm used to. But i finally can clim the mountains with my race bike. This is good for the power in my legs and will help me during the bike part of the Long Distance.

When you're used to flat landscape, cycling in the mountains feels so different. The first serious bycle training was planned for 4 hours but i could not end it. I was totally exhausted after 3 1/2 hour. On the first trip already an flat bycle tyre. It's not a good start and hopefully it stays with only this one. The second bycle training went a lot better and i could bring to an end. The third training gave me the feeling that i acclimatized to the climming a mountain. While training i also tryed hard to have an eye for the environment. The small roads, the nice and beautiful villages and the view. The top for this week lies on 643 meters and is named the Col de Saint Arnoux.

The weatherconditions this week are good, only the wind is very strong. On certain parts of the bycle track, i hardly can stay on the bike. On tuesday it is raining so hard that i decide to stay indoors. In the newspapers the weatherforecast speaks off snow and hailstone in the Alps.

I did this week twice a running training. The went well and that made me happy. Unfortunately i did not find this week any time for swimming.

Bycle training
first training
120' on dt2/3

second training
210' on dt2/3

third training
240' on dt2/3

Fourth training
120' training link, 90' bycle and 30' endurance run.

running training
first training
90' endurance run

second training
90' endurance run


zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Week 28 2011

Maandag 11 juli

Ik kom op het idee als ik zo achter mijn PC zit, dat het tijd wordt om eens mijn weblog anders te gaan invullen. Niet alleen maar over mijn trainingen praten maar ook nuttige informatie vermelden, verwijzingen naar leuke websites te vermelden en andere wetenswaardigheden.

Het was weer een kort nachtje want ik heb maat 4 uurtjes geslapen. Dus weer extra vroeg op pad. Kan ik ook lekker vroeg naar huis.
Aan het einde van de week staat het vertrek op het programma. We gaan weer afreizen naar de Provence. Het wordt dus een rommelige week en trainen zal een iets andere prioriteit krijgen. Gelukkig kan ik vandaag twee uur trainen op de fiets.

Dinsdag 12 juli

Ik had rekening gehouden met werken tot morgen maar ik kon vandaag toch afsluiten voor de komende periode. Ik was vanmorgen ook weer extra vroeg op pad gegaan maar twee nachten heel kort slapen breekt mij wel op want ik heb helemaal geen zin meer om te trainen. Ik besluit dan ook mijn nieuwe racefietsstuur op te halen en te monteren. Mijn racefiets ziet er weer gaaf uit met een nieuw witzadel en wit stuurlint. Hij is klaar om mee te nemen op vakantie.

Woensdag 13 juli

De eerste dag van mijn vakantie begint met superslecht weer. Het lijkt wel herfst, het regent en waait hard.

Sinds een aantal weken heb ik voor mezelf de conclusie getrokken dat ik het maximale uit de tijd die ik aan mijn trainingen besteed heb gehaald. Een moeilijke zin, die eigenlijk alleen wil zeggen dat ik mezelf niet meer kan verbeteren met deze tijdsbesteding. Ik wil en kan trouwens ook niet meer tijd besteden aan het trainen. Met die beslissing train ik de laatste weken ook wat meer ontspannen en geniet ik ook weer van het trainen. Op een goeie dag red ik misschien een tijd op de hele triathlon die ergens zal liggen tussen de 11.00 en 11.30 en op een gewone dag ergens tussen 11.30 en 12.00 en bij een slechte dag ergens tussen de 12.00 en 13.00 uur. Nu ik voor mezelf een beslissing heb genomen heb ik daar ook vrede mee.

Vanochtend het verhaal van triatlete Nina Bakker gelezen op de website van TV Almere (www.tvalmere.nl. Het verhaal over haar Iron Man wedstrijd in Oostenrijk samen met haar vriend Thomas Naasz. Een leuk verhaal met zoveel herkenbaars erin beschreven.

Het was vandaag een beetje een rommelige dag. Dat wist al wel vooraf want de laatste dagen op mijn werk waren ook al zo rommelig. Dat komt absoluut door mezelf omdat ik gewoonweg toe ben aan vakantie. De studie van afgelopen jaar die in januari met het eindexamen was afgelopen heeft zijn sporen nagelaten bij mij.
Door de rommelig dag ging ik pas om 13.30 uur een duurlooptraining doen die ook nog eens langer uitpakte dan de bedoeling. Eenmaal thuis snel wat broodjes gegeten en in ene had ik geen zin meer om mezelf te haasten voor de zwemtraining. Ik moest nog wat dingen doen en dat heb je zo vlak voor de vakantie. Wel lekker gelopen met die regen maar wel last van spieren gehad. Vooral bij de aanhechting van de spieren, mogelijk dat dit kwam doordat ik te weinig gedronken heb overdag.

Donderdag 14 juli

De dag startte met een enorme schok. In de krant stond een overlijdensbericht van Edwin van der Aa. Hij was de broer van een goeie schoolvriend en ex-collega van mij, Hans van der Aa. Ik weet niet exact hoe oud hij is geworden maar hij was jonger an dat ik ben. Dan schrik je toch weer even, zeker als je bedenkt dat hij ook altijd een redelijk relaxte en sprotieve gozer was. Ik denk het verdriet van Hans wel te kunnen voelen want hij was altijd heel close met zijn broer. Het zijn wel de momenten die je doen realiseren dat het leven kort kan zijn en dat je moet genieten van iedere dag.

Ik heb vandaag maar weer een looptraining gedaan. Wederom een duurlooptraining, deze keer eentje van 100 minuten. Dezelfde klachten als gisteren ervaren maar aan het einde van de training verdwenen die heel langzaam. Ook vandaag regent het weer maar de temperatuur voelt zomers aan. Aan het einde van de middag gaat het echt hard regen en is het ronduit triest weer.

Het is de laatste training in Nederland want morgen hou ik absoluut rust. Dan staat alles in het teken van de lange reis en een nachtje doorhalen.

Vrijdag 15 juli

Wat een vreselijk weer de laatste dagen. Gisteravond leek het echt op de herfst. Harde wind en stevige regenbuien teisterden ons landje. Gelukkig klaart het een beetje op en dat kan ik wel gebruiken want de auto moet worden volgeladen. Ik ben al twee dagen thuis en loop eigenlijk maar een beetje doelloos rond. Er komt niets uit mijn handen terwijl de tijd weg tikt. Ik voel me ook anders dan andere jaren en ik heb er geen verklaring voor. Nog maar even het weer aan de Cote d'Azur bekijken. Gemiddeld 27 graden en licht bewolkt. Dat ziet er in ieder geval al beter uit.

Zaterdag 16 juli

Aankomst op het vakantieadres.

Zondag 17 juli

Ik heb vandaag een rustige duurtraining van 2 uur gedaan. Even bijkomen van de hectiek van de reis en de start van de vakantie. Lekker trainen in het heuvelachtige landschap.

1e training
120' duurtraining op dt1

2e training
120' duurtraining

1e training
120' duurlooptraining op dt1

1e training
100' duurlooptraining op dt1

Geen zwemtrainingen gedaan deze week