woensdag 28 september 2011

Week 38 2011

And again an week has passed away in a rush. Sometimes the weeks go very fast and before i realize it, in another month. Last weeks look like were already in fall, due to the hard wind and the rainshowers.

On monday the wheaterconditions were not that bad. Sometimes a sunshine, sometimes a cloud but no rain. And that's why the dogs were lukcy because while i did my endurance run they accompanied me. For more than 45 minutes they ran along. They have fun and i also.

On tuesday i did a swimtraining. I had to work hard but i enjoyed the training. I'm feeling good when i swim. Hopefully it brings great things for this season.
On wednesday i had to give training to members of TVA. So there was no time for swimming myself.

Thursday was the fourth day of this week that i was working at home. On the office i couldn't produce what i wanted so that gave me a bad feeling. When that happens and it doesn't change within an days, i'm starting to feel worse. To get lose of the feeling, i'm working in an secure area which gives me happy feelings. And that's home, that's where i can turn my music within having to look at others if they don't mind, take break after working for an period full concentrated and stay concentrated. To get the right feeling back again.
Pearl Jam was on the stereo for the last couple of days. They always give my the right feeling with there music. I'm enjoying the voice of Eddie Vedder, his voice
intrigues me.
Also the second endurance run, this time not only the dogs but als my son was accompaning me.

Saterday was a beautiful day and time to enjoy life. Drink a cup of coffee with my wife in a coffeeshop, enjoy the sun and being lazy in the lounche. Later on the day i went to swimtraining.

Sunday was also an beautiful day and i did an endurance tour on my bicycle. Due to the beautiful wheater it gave me an
super feeling. I really hope that this wheater stays for a few weeks.

Trainingsscheme week 38

90' endurance training 

1e training
45' enudrance run on dt1

2e training
45' enudrance run on dt1

1e training
600 meter inzwemmen
25 meter wrikken
4 x 50 meter BC
100 meter BC
4 x 25 meter wisselslag
200 meter BC
4 x 100 meter (BC, SS, BC, RC) r=20"
175 meter uitzwemmen
total 1.800 meter (1.968 yards)

2e training
400 meter inzwemmen
500 meter BC rustig tempo
5 x 100 meter BC, heen (slepen) en terug (steigerung) r= 20"
5 x 75 meter iedere 25 meter hoger tempo, r= 20"
25 meter SS
5 x 50 meter BC rustig tempo 1 x ademen op 25 meter, r= 20"
5 x 25 meter sprint, r= 20"
25 meter SS
500 meter duurtempo

total 2.700 meter (2.952 yards)

woensdag 21 september 2011

Week 37 2011

From this week on untill the last weekend of august 2012 the preparing for the Classic Long Distance starts.
All those weeks training for only one event. Lots of sweat, pain and pleasure. Meanwhile i have to write story's of my training, some personal story's or story's with useful information. I'm ready for a new season.

Because my dogs get special food, i need to weigh them from time to time. So i know exactly how much i can give them. At beginning i need to weigh myself and that was a little shock. I'm little bit to heavy, about 3 kilogramme to much. They need to get  of just like fat around the waist. So i know that needs to be done.

I have not made a new traininsscheme for coming season. I will start making one within the next weeks. For this week it will only be endurance training.
I started on monday with an endurance run for 45 minutes. I didn't run alone but had company from the dogs. Without any problem they ran the 45 minutes along.
On tuesday there was the first swimtraining after two weeks. I enjoyed swimming again and it went well.
Next day on the bike to the swimmingpool, biking into the
high winds. This swimtraining also went well.
Thursday it was the same as monday, an endurance run of 45 minutes accompanied by my dogs. I still noticed that my body is recovering form the triathlon.
On friday i had an off-day and went home early from work. In the afternoon i did an endurance ride on my race bike. After nearly three weeks i noticed that there was a lot lost of power in my legs.
On saterday, in the early morning i always do an endurance run and in the afternoon the swimtraining.
And for this week that was all an so i could enjoy the rest on sunday.

Speaking to Thomas Naasz this week about the triathlon and the way it went, learned that i probably didn't eat enough food. He told how much food he uses during the race and how much he drinks in one hour. I drink the same amount of sportsdrink but i'm eating less food. This is something that needs to be evaluated.

i feel the need to  talk about music. Mostly the artist or band impresses me so much that i'm turning crazy. Crazy is an strange word but it's more to make clear what my emotional state has become of there music. One of the bands that always makes great impression on me are the Counting Crows. The sound in combination with the voice of Adam Duritz or a song only with Adam gives me the feeling that i'm in heaven. For instance the song "Raining in Baltimore" gives me goosebumps. Songs like "All My Friends" and "Color Blind" are pearls. I can go on with rhetoric but i wil stop now. Listen yourselfs and let me know that you think. I got there music on my I-pod so i can enjoy there music every moment of the day.

Trainingsscheme week 37

90' endurance biking on dt 1/2

first training
45' endurance run on dt 1

second training

45' endurance run on dt 1

third training
60' endurance run on dt 1

first training
2150 meter (2.351 yards)

second training
2450 meter (2.679 yards)

third training
2450 (2.679 yards)

maandag 12 september 2011

Week 36 2011

After one week of rest, i'm slowly getting restless. I want to do something. So you see that i promised myself two weeks of rest but i probable don't overfill this period. Because of the tattoo can't swim this week, so i will start with an endurance run. Hopefully the weatherconditions leave some space for a dry drive on the race bike.
We shall see this week that i'm going to do.

I'm also looking at the wheaterconditions because i love beautiful wheater and hate the rain. Tuesday was an terrible day, lot's of rain and heavy wind.
The conditions on wendsday aren't much better but i hope the are at least better on thurstday. Then we are having our traditional day out of work. Doing things in the rain isn't what we're looking for.
Unfortunately the wheaterconditions were bad and the outdoor activites were cancelled. As an alternative programm the group went to Heineken Brewery. I can image that tourists, see the Heineken Brewery as an unforgettable experience, but personally i was very disapointed. One big commercial show instead of the story of Heineken.
The dinner with my
colleagues was fun and later we went to Cafe Water. I went home late but had on lovely evening.

This week my daugther became 18 years old and on saterday she had this big party with many of her friends. It was an nice party and her friends were behaving themselfs great. No problems at all. Later on they went in to the city and they split up over the cars. All the boys who were driving had not been drinking all evening.Very wisely, i have to admit.

On sunday my wife and i cleaned up everything. Although i thought i would start this week with training, i didn't start. So i succeed in two weeks of rest.

zondag 4 september 2011

Week 35 2011

This week brings me total rest and i will enjoy this period. At the begin of the week, to be precisely on monday, my legs felt awful and i've got lot's of myalgia. On tuesday the problems were already gone.

I promised myself an tattoo before the vacation when i would accomplish the Long Distance. And so went on monday to the tattoo shop to get an tribal.  The search for the right one took me more than 7 years. And finally i found to the one i've got now.
It will be my first one and not the last one.

When i'm having a rest like the one i've now this week, it looks a little bit strange. What am i going to do with all that time. Fortunately for the dogs it ends in long walks. This week i'v been walking for more then 90 minutes number of times. The dogs did't seem to mind at all.

When the training is less, there's time for social events. And specially with the one that has to accept the hobby of her husband. For saterday we planned things that we normaly don't do together. Saterday evening was the peak of the social events. The two of us went to the Haven festival. Every year in the evening there's a classical concert. Last year i've heard that concert was very beautiful. I was a little nervous because my wife doesn't really like classical music. But she enjoyed herself very much and was even enthusiastic. After the concert we went for a couple of drinks on the terrace of Grandcafe Haven. It was very nice to do because it was an long time ago.